With the combined expertise of our team of designers, we have the right skills and experience to make sure you get the result that we pride ourselves on delivering.

All of our designs, whether residential architecture or commercial architecture, are developed through a flexible approach, incorporating our client’s requirements and input at every step of the creative process. Our goal is to ensure our clients are well involved in this process, and make sure that every element of the final outcome is delivering the key components of your design brief.


1. Inspect The Site
Good planning leads to better outcomes. At this initial stage our team will undertake a thorough investigation of the site and; record measurements, assess any design constraints, and confirm the feasibility of the site for the proposed building works.

2. Develop The Brief
From this information we can start to develop the detailed design brief which guides the next steps of the design process. The initial design brief is generally formed with a number of key dot points which cover functional requirements for the building, but can sometimes be more general and list a number of key aesthetic considerations for the various spaces.

3. Prepare Concept Sketch Floor Plans
We then develop initial sketch concept floor plans and present our design vision for the building to you. Our initial sketches generally explore a range of ways that the building design and brief can evolve to achieve a great design outcome, and allow you to consider key decisions and guide the development of the building design moving forward.

These concept plans include detailed drawings of each room, giving you a good idea of what the building will look like.

4. Assess Feasibility
As the concept plans are refined into a building design that achieves the requirements of the brief we can then take a more analytical look at the design detail. This analysis allows us to confirm the feasibility of the building design and assess elements like materials; physicality and aesthetics, as well as how the proposed building will fit into your budget.

5. Developing The Building Design
With the concept design complete we then continue to develop the detailed construction documentation for the building. This more detailed documentation thoroughly and accurately details all components of the building for the purposes of obtaining building approval, and to enable builders to provide a fixed price contract for the building works. The design documentation drawings include all aspects of the building components including; interior design, kitchen & joinery design, selection of all finishes, fixtures and appliances.

6. Approvals & Permits
Finally with all concept and practical aspects thoroughly decided, we will move forward to obtain all the relevant authority permits required to get the building ready to commence construction. This includes obtaining town planning approval from the local council for the project (where required), and obtaining a building permit to enable the building phase to commence.